Using T-Mobile in Europe: Sweden, Denmark, England, France Review

My wife and I recently switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and wanted to share our most recent experience specifically using it abroad. While Verizon’s national coverage and speed was exceptional, we were looking for something less expensive and preferably with unlimited data. My wife runs a digital agency and she uses a ton of data each month and I’m a data user as well. While searching for our next plan, I found T-Mobile’s One Plan. At the time they were offering 2 lines with unlimited data for $100. That deal seemed solid, but to sweeten the deal even more they were running a “hook up” promo that took an additional 20% off your entire bill if you signed up before a specific date. 2 lines, unlimited data for $80… They had my interest.

As we like to travel overseas and both of our jobs require us to be connected, I looked into their international coverage. Turns out the T-Mobile One plan offers unlimited texting and unlimited data almost anywhere in the world! In Mexico and Canada, your phone will work the same as it does in the U.S. Pretty much everywhere else, you’ll get unlimited texting, phone calls at 20 cents per minute and unlimited data (2g). Ok, now I was fully sold. In addition, since there was no contract, I figured we could always switch back if we had any issues.

Ok, after 2 and half weeks in Europe, how did T-Mobile Perform?

The Good

  • Instantly connected to roaming networks with good service

  • Texting and phone calls worked great

  • Data in Scandinavia worked great! Stockholm, Malmo, and Copenhagen all were really quick. We even ran Facebook Live from Stockholm and Copenhagen (albeit, a little blurry, but still worked!)

  • Google Maps! This made walking navigation and finding buses/trains so easy. We never got lost and always made our trains.

  • WiFi calling. If you're connected to WiFi you can make free calls!

T-Mobile in Europe

(Using Google Maps made riding the metro in Paris a breeze)

OK/ Could be better

  • Data in London and Paris seemed noticeably slower than Scandinavia. Uploading Snaps and Instagram stories were a struggle.


We’re going to stick with T-Mobile. Traveling in Europe was easier than it’s ever been. Being connected made work and navigation much simpler. We even used our phones to get Uber's and rent bikes via an app. Overall, we are very satisfied making the switch. While, T-Mobile isn't as strong in the U.S. as Verizon, we’re already saving money and being able to use our phones abroad is a huge convenience.

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