Swiss Business Class Lounge Terminal E Zurich Review

Typically when we visit airport lounges it’s because we’re flying coach and using our Priority Pass to get us access. This time however, we were flying business class with Swiss Airlines. With our business class ticket (Zurich to Los Angeles), we were granted lounge access. While some lounges are very basic, this lounge is known to be on the best in Europe, so I was excited to see what it had to offer.


The lounge can be a little difficult to find. It’s located in Terminal E. What confused us is that after exiting security and entering a maze of duty free there were signs pointing to the right that said Swiss Lounge. We were told that we had come to the wrong Swiss lounge. I’m sure that one is nice also, but we won’t be reviewing that one here (I believe that one serves inter Europe flights) They gladly pointed us in the right direction and we took the tram to Terminal E. After seeing signs for the correct lounge we walked up to the counter I simply showed my mobile business class boarding pass and I was given a Wifi passcode and let in.


The lounge is much bigger than other lounges I’ve visited. There 3 main indoor area’s to sit, all very spacious. In addition to the main indoor area’s there were several quiet cubes that did not allow food or conversation. Seems like a great place to get some work done. There is also an outdoor area where you can watch planes tack off with included binoculars. Unfortunately, that area was closed due to rain, so we couldn’t check it out. No doubt it would have been the highlight.

Food and drinks were plentiful. They had a typical range of beer, wine, hard liquor, still and sparkling water. The food spread was similar to the other lounges, except for one exception! They had 3 cooks making food to order. They even made me an omelet during lunch time! I also had a quiche and split pea soup. It all was much better than your average lounge.

Yum, every lounge needs good coffee!

The bathrooms were really clean with a nice touch of flowers and lotions. There was even a shoe shine station! My Nike’s were sparkling after! Another nicety, is that showers were available upon request. Great option for long layovers.

This lounge had everything that bad lounges don’t. It had lots of space. It was clean. It had custom food options. It had showers. It had an outdoor patio. And it even had showers. If you’re ever flying Swiss international business class, do not miss! For some reason I couldn't get the wifi to work on my iphone, but I was able to get it to work on my Windows 10 PC. I didn't try to hard, so it could have simply been user error.

All in all, I’m going to rate this one just below the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX, but this one may have ranked higher if the weather was better! Guess I'll have to come back to Zurich.

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