Shopping Portals - Another way to earn miles, points, or cashback

Shopping Portals are great ways to boost your miles, points or simply earn cashback. Shopping Portals essentially earn a commission for referring you to a specific online retailer. Going through a shopping portal before making a purchase saves you money and helps you travel. They also help keep your miles from expiring. Over the past couple years I saved several hundred dollars and earned thousands of miles by simply making purchases that I would normally make. For example, when I purchased new tires from Discount Tire earlier this year I went through a portal and saved over $30 with only a single click. I've also generated over 15,000 United miles since I've started using their portal. That's good for a one way ticket anywhere in the continental USA.

(Flying to New York using shopping Portals!)

There are tons of shopping portals out there, so how do you decide which one to use? I'll primarily use the one that is offering the highest cash back at that time. or are great comparison sites to use to quickly see who has the best offers. I have found that TopCashBack frequently offers the most cash back and they consistently payout without any hiccups. If you use my link to sign up and make a purchase, you'll get $10 (hey, it's a start!).

Frequently various programs will offer additional bonuses for hitting a certain spend level. United is having a great promotion right now on their Mileage Plus Shopping Portal. Now through August 18th you can earn up to an additional 3,000 miles on top of the standard miles you'll earn from shopping through the portal. The bonus breaks down as such:

  • Spend $150 and get 500 bonus award miles

  • Spend $350 and earn 1,500 bonus miles

  • Spend $600, earn 3,000 bonus miles

This is one of the better offers I've seen this year, so make sure to take advantage of this if you have some purchases you already need to make.

It may seem cumbersome to use shopping portals at first, but after a while it will become part of your online shopping experience and you'll have cash and/or miles to show for it!

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