Lounge Review: Star Alliance Lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

Once again, we found ourselves early at the airport. I think I’m actually just getting more excited to arrive early at the airport with our Priority Pass membership. It’s less stressful knowing that we have lots of time and it’s exciting to check out a new lounge. I had heard good things about the Star Allaince Lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport and made sure that we had time to review it.

The Star Alliance Lounge at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport is located on the 11th floor of terminal one. You can access it after passport control, but before going through security. I thought this would be strange, but since security was at our gate the wait time was not too bad. We were able to access the lounge even while flying coach on Norwegian Airlines by using our Priority Pass. The lounge has a business class and a first class section. We were only able to access the business class lounge with our membership, so this review will be strictly on that section.

Inside the lounge they offered a self-serve buffet. There were lots of food options to choose from. I pretty much had it all. Salad, French bread, croissant, cold cuts, smoked salmon, split pea and fennel soup and of course some French wine were all on my table at some point. Michaela basically had to pull me out there to keep me from grabbing another chocolate croissant. My eyes are usually hungrier than my stomach.

The alcohol and drink options were solid also!

The lounge had really nice and clean bathrooms and even showers for those inclined. There was an outside area, but we didn’t check it out as it was more of a smoker’s haven. I had been warned that this lounge can get really busy, but we didn’t experience that. There was lots of room to grab a seat and we were comfortable the whole time.

The Wi-Fi was ok, it cut out a few times, but I was able to check a few emails and post a selfie :).

Overall, it was a nice lounge that was easy to access from terminal 1 and had a good spread of dining options. I wish I had one of those croissants as I’m typing this right now. CDG

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