Air Canada Business 777-300ER YYZ to CPH Review

This was our second leg of our trip to Copenhagen from San Diego (you can read about the first flight here). We only had about an hour layover in Toronto. We were scheduled to have more time, but our first flight was slightly delayed. Luckily for us, we landed in the same terminal as our next flight. I had been worried about the short layover for some time, but if you land in the same terminal you can easily get through Canadian customs and make your next flight. If you flight has any delay or you're in another terminal you'll probably miss your flight. Anyways, we would have loved to been able to try the Maple Leaf lounge, but there wasn't enough time.

The Plane

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

Seat: Reverse herringbone lie-flat

Depart: 7:25 pm

Arrive: 8:50 am next day

Duration: 7 hours and 25 minutes


Whenever I get the chance to fly international business class I get excited. I had also heard good things about Air Canada's international business class, so the anticipation was killing me. About 15 minutes before boarding people started lining up at the gate. Yes, it's annoying at every airport, but there was really no where else to hang out. The gate had no room or seating, so we lined up like a herd. As business class flyers we boarded prior to economy and entered through a separate door on the plane. This is always a nice touch as once you're seated you're not watching every single person board the plane. The seating on business class was 1-2-1 with a front cabin with 36 seats and a mini cabin with only 14 seats. We were seated in a middle row in the first cabin, so we could look over our pods and have a chat.

After we were seated and stowed our luggage we were provided the option of either Champagne or orange juice and there was a water bottle at the seat. Naturally I had a glass of Champagne. I couldn't tell you the brand, as there were no business class menus aboard this flight, but it was good. Also, prior to take off a second attendant read off the dinner options and took our order. After that a 3rd Air Canada member introduced her individually as being in charge of customer experience for this flight. Needless to say, they started off hot.


The seat to the left of me ended up being empty for the flight. Each seat included bedding, blanket, a pillow, noise cancelling headphones and an amenity kit.

This was my seat. Already spreading my stuff around... The seats provided nice privacy from the seated position.The seat was comfortable in all positions. The electronic adjustment was easy to use and I was able to get some sleep from a lie-flat position.

The amenity kit was a nice touch. It included all essentials and the actual bag is nicer than most. I'll end up keeping it.

It included a toothbrush, razor, eye shade, ear plugs, and socks.

Here's the entertainment screen. It was large and responsive. It included a remote control that functioned as a video game controller. There were plenty of movies and shows and I even played some golf with the video game controller. Noise cancelling headphones were also provided. They sounded really good to me and pretty much blocked out any outside noise.


After take off we were offered toasted nuts and a drink. These are the same toasted nuts that you'll get on any international business class flight, so we don't need to go any further. As a starter we offered a salad, choice of bread and a lobster/shrimp dish. It was so good!

Yep, that's garlic bread!

For my main dish I went with the pan-seared Atlantic salmon. Somehow I missed a picture of this, but it was really good. My wive had pasta and it was not very good, so I shared my salmon with her. There was no shortage of food on this flight!

Next up was the cheese!

The cheese plate was offered with additional bread. It was nothing super fancy, but it was good and I'm a sucker for brie.

For desert I had a blueberry tart with vanilla creme. The blurry photo below describes my mood at that exact moment. Things were a little blurry from the wine and the tart was so good I couldn't be bothered to take another picture.

In all the meal service took us about 2 and half hours into the flight. After this I was ready to take a nap, so I adjusted my seat and set it up for lie-flat to get some shut eye.

A breakfast card was passed out at the begging of the flight if you didn't mind being woken up.

Breakfast came out about an hour and half prior to landing.

The omelette was just OK. It tasted about the way it looks. Fairly bland and was clearly made a long time ago. I still finished it despite everything I had for dinner just a few hours prior. The coffee was good and with a big day ahead of me and not much sleep I pounded the stuff


The service on this flight was good. They didn't go above and beyond, but also did not disappoint. It was nice that the staff introduced themselves early, so I felt comfortable asking for service from all of them. As I'll explain further in another post, they were very kind to our cat that we had on-board and that meant the world to us.


This was a nice flight. Having flown from the west coast to Europe before, this flight felt short, almost too short to really enjoy the comfortable seat. I would 100% fly Air Canada transcontinental business class again. I'm not sure I would fly this exact itinerary as the layover was a bit to short. Luckily everything worked out and we made the flight and an enjoyable one it was.

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