Southwest and their Great Cancellation Policy

One great thing about Southwest Airlines that separates them from the pack is their refund and cancellation policy. Most airlines only allow you to cancel/change a flight within 24 hours of booking without a hefty fee. Southwest is much more lenient. Even with their low priced “Wanna Get Away” fares, they allow you to change or get a full credit for your flight all the until right before your flight is to depart. Southwest officially lets you cancel up until 10 minutes before your flight departs! The credit is valid for another Southwest flight within a year.

Another cool thing is if you book using points, you’ll simply get your points back without the date restriction.

The best part of this policy is having confidence in the price you pay. You’ll know that even if there’s a sale you can simply re-book your ticket to the lower price and use the credit for another flight. Speaking of sales, Southwest has one going on right now and it saved me $30 simply by changing my ticket. It took only 5 minutes to make the change. You can find their sale here.

Here’s how to make a change to your flight.

  • Log into your rapid rewards account

  • Once you’re in, find your upcoming trips and the flight that you want to re-book and click change

  • Select your fight and click continue.

  • Then you’ll simply search for the flight you want to change to. In my case, my flight dropped in price, so I simply searched for the same flight.

  • You’ll then be refunded the difference in Southwest Travel Funds.

Make sure to take note of the expiration date. Southwest says they can’t extend this date and once they expire you’ll lose the value. Also, Southwest travel funds can only be applied for the same person that was originally scheduled to fly.

If you ever want to check the status of your Southwest Travel Funds you can do so here:

This is just another reason why we enjoy flying Southwest. I love the ability to simply book a ticket knowing that if the price drops or if I need to cancel, I have the ability to change my ticket.

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