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Hi all! Michaela here. Guest writing for Good Cents Guy. I thought I'd share a post that I wrote last year on Copenhagen. Every time we head to Europe, we find ourselves beginning our trip there. Copenhagen is an underrated gem of a city that should not be overlooked! The next time you plan a trip to Europe, put Denmark on the list. You'll be glad you did.

According to the UN Happiness Report, Denmark is the happiest place on Earth. How valid this happiness report is, I can't tell you. I googled it. But I can certainly vouch for the "hygge" I felt while gluttonously exploring there. "hygge" is among the thousands of impossible Danish words to pronounce/understand, and means a cozy feeling of togetherness. I felt this hygge every time I took down a chocolate danish or was able to walk through the city streets with a hard cider in hand. The Danish folk, so blonde and zippity on their street bikes, sure know how to live.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is underrated in so many ways. Often overlooked by eager travelers for several other popular destinations in Europe, this lively little place remains relatively uncrowded for those who come to visit; or as I like say, clusterfuckfree. Copenhagen always greets me with wide open, touron-free wonders.

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Danish pastries are actually called "wienerbrød". Be mature and eat lots of them. Have one for breakfast every morning with a cappacino and vow to never, ever touch Entanmann's again. Have another with lunch, and so forth.

50% of the city's main mode of transport is the bicycle. Blonde hipsters by the herd glide on elevated bike paths- some with little babies strapped to the back and others dressed in suits with briefcases in haul. Families with multiple children even opt to live without a car. You can see parents and their children by the flocks...heading to school, running errands, etc. Copenhagen is the greenest city in the world and they aim to be carbon neutral by 2025. Smart humans over there.

And then there's Nyhavn. With friendly rows of colorful buildings along the water. I felt like I was in a fake place. An adult Disneyland of sorts. Also, I love Andre's little bird whisp piece of hair blowing in the breeze. ;)

If you're ever in Copenhagen, head to Torvehallerne. It's a market with tons of street vendors. Sample cheeses, meats and wines, come for lunch and drink, or buy produce from local farms. Torvehallerne makes our farmer's markets look like teeny boppers. I should have more pictures but I only have one.

Overall, Copenhagen is a stunning and progressive city full of stunning sights, culture, eateries, and history. If you're looking for a destination that is a little less mainstream but even more instagram worthy, head to CPH. It is probably the coolest city I've ever visited - and it's effortless.

Thanks for letting me ghost write!! Until next time!

-Good Cents Gal

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