Paying for your Own Wedding? Take Your Honeymoon on Points! Part 2

Remember in my last post, where I stressed the importance of being flexible? Well, in our case it opened our eyes to a destination that wasn't really on our radar, but ended up being the vacation of a lifetime!

My wife and I both love beaches and we both love adventure. Our goal was always that we'd go to Thailand for our honeymoon, but as I started the process of planning the honeymoon I realized that our goals and points strategy were not lining up. With my current bank of points we simply couldn't make it work.

Being Hyatt points rich, thanks to Chase Ultimate Rewards, I began browsing their website for beach hotels and stumbled over the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort and was I glad I did.

Having found the hotel and country that I knew we wanted to visit I started my flight search. I utilized Delta points to book 2 business class tickets from LAX to Liberia, Costa Rica. Again, we live in San Diego and Los Angeles isn't exactly close, but we rented a car and drove the 3 hours to the airport. Flexibility again was the key to our wonderful journey.

Hotel Cost – 15,000 points a night x 5.

(Hyatt or Chase Ultimate Rewards)

Absolute fantastic points value. Rates were going for $500 a night while we were there and if you ever go, you'll understand why. Value: Approximately $2,500

Flight – 60,000 points x 2 (Delta Skymiles) to sit in Delta business class per person

Decent points value for Skymiles. Airfare was going for $800 round trip when we booked. Value: $1,200

As you can see the Hyatt points value were crazy good, while Delta was just ok. Sometimes it just comes down to timing and being flexible. I try to get value out of my points, but at the end of the day it's about the experiance.

Having a good points strategy and being flexible saved us $3,300 on a glamorous honeymoon.

I'll have up a full trip report on our time in Costa Rica shortly!

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