Paying for your Own Wedding? Take Your Honeymoon on Points! Part 1

Paying for part or all of your wedding expenses? There is good news! You can enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams for pennies. With a little planning you can maximize your expenses and go on the honeymoon of your dreams utilizing airline and hotel points instead of your hard earned cash! I recommend you start this process as far in advance as possible. We started about 1 year prior to the wedding. A ring purchase is another great opportunity to earn points!

As we started budgeting for our wedding we discovered that we had around $20k in expenses that we could use a credit card on. Knowing this we were able to establish a points strategy.

Step 1

Figure out where you want to go! I love this part! Doing the research on destinations is half the fun!

Step 2

Figure out how many points it will take to get there and stay there. I like Award Ace (airfare) and Hotel Hustle (hotels) to help me in this process. Both of these sites will help you in determining how many points you'll need to acquire for your dream vacation.

Step 3

Once you know how many of what types of points you'll need for your dream honeymoon it's time to assess how many points you have and how many you'll actually need. A great way of getting points quickly to apply for credit cards with high sign up bonuses (remember only do this if you and your future spouse have good credit and are financially responsible. PAY OFF YOUR CARD IN FULL EACH MONTH). After our research we found out that we needed 195,000 points (75,000 Hyatt Points and 120,000 Delta Points). We were able to get these points from sign up bonuses from Chase and American Express Cards. Both of these programs offer flexible points that transfer to both Hyatt and Delta.

Tip: Being flexible with your honeymoon dates/destinations will make the whole process a lot easier. You'll find that certain destinations may not have award availability when you want to go, so being open to leaving a day later or out of a different airport will open up your options vastly.

Paying for our wedding using credit cards helped us have the honeymoon of our dreams!

Stay tuned for part 2 where I'll discuss how we flew first class and stayed in a 5 star resort in Costa Rica for pennies!

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