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I'm the Good Cents Guy.

I'm what you would call... an optimizer. I believe in getting the most out of my finances and travel experiences. I've spent years passionately researching the best ways to make these two areas work for me. And I've been able to travel the world, spending pennies, while simultaneously growing my savings. Travel hacking and finance optimizing have been such strong passions of mine that I feel it's time I share my favorite tips and tricks with you. 


I didn't grow up in a your typical American household. I'm a first generation Swede, born from immigrant parents who exposed me to traveling at a very young age. From being a toddler in Thailand to spending every summer sailing through Sweden, Denmark and into Germany,  it became clear to me that traveling like this wasn't common amongst my peers. The global exposure that I received at such a young age gave me a unique passion for exploration that never quieted down.


Growing up, my only goals were these: graduate college, make some money, and find someone to explore with. Nothing more, nothing less.


Turns out, graduating from college during the recession of 2008 wasn't ideal, so my goal of "making some money" didn't come as easily as I hoped. It inspired me to get creative and find ways to stretch the dollars I was earning. 



A job opportunity moved me to San Diego where I met my now wife, Michaela. Our mutual love of travel inspired me to continue finding new and improved ways to travel the globe at extremely low costs. For us, being able to travel to multiple countries/destinations each year is more important than any other luxury. We're happy to sacrifice expenditures in many areas so we can spend our time and money on experiences.


Good Cents Guy is here to help you optimize your finances so you can travel the world like I do. Through optimizing my finances and travel hacking, I've traveled virtually free to: Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Scandanavia, Arizona, Canada, Las Vegas, Portland, and Seattle. While at the same time, earning thousands in passive income. There is more where that came from, and I want to share it all with you.

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